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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance produced naturaly by the organism, mostly in the skin, this procedure contributes a bigger hydration and volume. The dialoronic filler its placed directly in the skin by micro injection, that lets contours the face, giving volume to the modified areas over the lines expression, this procedure is ambulatory and is …

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Rhinoplasty is a quirurgical procedure focused on improving the shape and the size of the nose, this procedure will grant you, armony, beauty and balance to your face with natural results.

Platelet-rich Plasma

Platelet-rich Plasma is obtained from a blood draw, it’s an outpatient technique with really good results as it contain grown factors in quantity. This substance helps to regenerate and create new blood vessels in the treated part and providing more nutrients, it also helps to increase the proliferation of cells and fibers, among them is …

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Mentoplasty is a procedure designed to give your chin a stronger appearance, balancing the general look of the patient’s face. This procedure is purely aesthetic and doesn’t affect the patient’s jaw or teeth. Before the procedure is performed, the patient’s face is measured and a profile study is carried out to determine the shape and size …

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Abdominal Marking

Abdominal Marking it’s a procedure that reduces fat from the abdomen and oblique to give the body a toned look.

Breast Reduction

Sometimes large breasts can lead to bad posture or back problems, making a woman’s life uncomfortable. With this procedure the patient can improve both her appearance and way of life. The technique used to perform the surgery may vary depending on the breast’s size. In the case of a mild hypertrophy, periareolar techniques are used, …

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Breast Augmentation

Augmentation mammoplasty consists on placing a breast implant behind the existing mammary gland. The implant can go either on top or below the pectoral muscle ensuring a natural look. Each mammoplasty case should be thoroughly studied by a surgeon beforehand so that the most convenient procedure for the patients is carried out. The procedure is …

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In today’s world, a fit and slim figure represents a positive body image. Localized fat can be really hard to deal with, even to the point where dieting and exercising efforts seem unsuccessful. Through liposculpture you can re-shape your body to the figure you always wanted. This procedure uses fat extracted from different parts of …

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Middle Third Face Lift

This procedure is performed by lifting the middle third facial region to correct creases that are present around the nose and lip region. The incision made to carry out the process of lifting leaves minimal scarring that cannot be noticed.


Improve your Flaccidity J-PLASMA Benefits of having a Jplasma Procedure Eliminate saggin body Quick recovery Wihtout visible scars Natural results J-Plasma J-PLASMA is a new technique in plastic surgery that eliminates the sagging and excess of skin in your body, by shaping it. It is ideal for all patients who have a medium to …

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