Tipo de Procedimiento: Non Surgical

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance produced naturaly by the organism, mostly in the skin, this procedure contributes a bigger hydration and volume. The dialoronic filler its placed directly in the skin by micro injection, that lets contours the face, giving volume to the modified areas over the lines expression, this procedure is ambulatory and is …

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Platelet-rich Plasma

Platelet-rich Plasma is obtained from a blood draw, it’s an outpatient technique with really good results as it contain grown factors in quantity. This substance helps to regenerate and create new blood vessels in the treated part and providing more nutrients, it also helps to increase the proliferation of cells and fibers, among them is …

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Recover your skin without surgery FIXER Benefits of having a Fixer procedure Rejuvenate, restore the volume and elasticity of your skin. It has a Lifting effect on the neck, face and neckline, increasing collagen production. It is an outpatient procedure and it’s suitable for any age and any skin type. Fixer The FIXER stimulates the …

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Botulinic Toxin

The Botulinic Toxin is a non invasive procedure, fast and painless, it’s an ambulatory procedure that is applied in the muscle to relax it temporary with micro injections, preventing the formation of new lines of expression.


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