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In today’s world, a fit and slim figure represents a positive body image. Localized fat can be really hard to deal with, even to the point where dieting and exercising efforts seem unsuccessful.

Through liposculpture you can re-shape your body to the figure you always wanted. This procedure uses fat extracted from different parts of the body such as: arms, tummy, legs, hips, etc, and relocates it to mold your body into the desired figure.

Liposculpture is not a procedure designed for weight-loss, and the amount of fat that can be extracted to be used in the molding of the patient´s new figure has a clinical set limit that cannot be ignored. Because this limit varies for each patient, it is of utmost importance to have a professional consultation before the procedure.

Special belts that prevent tissue soreness and edemas are placed on the intervened areas once the procedure is finished. In most cases the use of these belts goes on for about three months.

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